The Ars Amorata Podcast

The Zan and Jordan Show - Episode 5

September 25, 2020 Zan Perrion, Jordan Luke Collier
The Ars Amorata Podcast
The Zan and Jordan Show - Episode 5
Show Notes

The Zan and Jordan Show - Episode 5:
Activism, Taking A Stand, & Finding Your "Life Purpose"
with Zan Perrion and Jordan Luke Collier

“Be joyful, though you’ve considered all the facts.”  - Wendell Berry

You can turn away from the news and flee the ugly, political nature of the world, but at some point these issues catch up to you. Even the peaceful South Pacific got drawn into the war. One cannot avoid today’s issues forever.

This is not a bad thing, though. There comes a point when, after so much seeking beauty for personal curiosity and gain, man needs a sense of purpose, something to fight for, someone to serve. Through struggle and service so often come meaning.

In light of the crazy things occurring throughout our civilization — and holding in mind the notion that our civilization might collapse — Zan and Jordan explore what it means to take a stand, how to create a positive form of “activism”, and the process by which man slowly grows into his “purpose”.

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